How wide and long should my quilt be?

Adding 24" in width and 12" in length to the original measurement of the mattress ensures your mattress is covered and your quilt sits under your pillow.
(For Cots, add 12" in width and 6" in length.)

Standard Australian bed sizes

 Cot   69cm x 130cm or 27" x 51" 
 Single  92cm x 190cm or 36" x 75"
 King Single  107cm x 202cm or 42" x 80"
 Double  137cm x 190cm  or 54" x 75"
Queen 153cm x 202cm or 60" x 80"
 King  183cm x 202cm  or 72" x 80"

If you have a very deep mattress add extra to the width and length. A generous 153cm square or 60" square is the ideal size for lap quilts.

Do I need to wash my fabrics before I start my Quilt?

If you are mixing strong and light colours in your quilt, wash your stronger fabrics to check they won't bleed or run when washed. Strong colours include tones such as red, navy, deep purple. I personally prefer to work with the dressing in my fabrics, they seem to have more body, or if washed I like to use a little starch.

How wide do I cut my Binding?

As a standard we cut all binding strips at 2 ½". On small items such as table-runners and place mats 2" is preferable.

How many strips of binding do I need to bind my Quilt?

Add the length and width of your finished quilt and then double the number. Divide by 40 (width of fabric) and the answer will reflect the number of strips you require. If the number is 0.75 or above, add another strip to be on the safe side.

Eg. Queen 84" x 92"
84" + 92" = 176"
176" + 176" = 352"
352 divided by 40 = 8.80 strips round up to 9 strips + 1strip = 10 strips

My quilt is set on point, how do I work out how big to cut the side set-in and corner triangles?

The formula for side set-in triangles is:

Finished block size (eg 12") x 1.414 = 16.97 round up to 17"
17" + 1.25"(seam allowance) = 18.25 = 18¼" square
The squares for Side set-in triangles are cross cut TWICE (like an X ) on the diagonal.

The formula for corner triangles is:

Finished block size (eg 12") x 1.414 = 16.97 divide by 2 = 8.49
8.49 + .875 (seam allowance) = 9.37 round up to 9.50 = 9½" square
The squares for Corner triangles are cross cut ONCE on the diagonal.